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Love this song...
I've been wondering why the song doesn't get subbed...didn't find it on youtube anyways
maybe they've all been busy with the actual show.
Enjoy~ If you see any mistakes tell me please.

ecosystem - ジレンマ (Dilemma) [ TV VER。]

Unexpected emptiness is what
lies behind what was predicted
Thats really too strong
if you only give in it will eat away at time

Not looking so good, my head hurts like crazy
days that were wasted away

Can't even leave behind a trace of ash
the more it blurres my vision, the more dazzling that world is
sharply it stabs towards my chest
Admist the chaos tonight, speed from the true feelings
as theres no need to cover up that kind of forwardness
Just continuing like this, please continue to survive

In the end, the thing I wanted most
was to be in your dreams
Thats good enough

The disorted melody dissolves into ashes

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first time using Aegisub, for subs of:
Uploading a title banner of sort&previewshots soon~

Episode 3.
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part 1
part 2
part 3

Episode 4.
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part 1 


Well it'd be awkward to post at  icon commu so its here...I love this song :D (aside from RADWIMPS 群青  ofcourse :DD)
I kinda translated it cuz I didn't see it on jpopasia, andd the lyrics were so clear you could translate from just listening to the song quite a few times..the words are simple, but it has a clear sort of feeling that reaches you.

☆Please do not repost/put on vidoes without asking first, it is appreciated!

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「花唄」- song of flowers

Thousands of years ago, we were born
the sky, the sun, the flowers
that bloomed in the fields
has never been changed

In our life,
each day we have many burdens to carry
dreaming and putting up a pretense,
while hiding everything
we hid the true emotions inside our heart

Things that change, and the things that don't
while struggling, we became aware of ourselves

Now that a lot of things has been experiened,
Just for an intant, for a second
Whatever is in your heart,
Let's do it now!

Resound our voices,
what's important is being "here"*
isn't it
Right now, only you can do the things
that can be only done by you
A big flower that can bloom now

Unlike an adult yet, I do things with conceit**
I don't understand those complicated things,
but I do understand people's sadness and pain well

That moment we were born, the first thing we learned

was "love"
Whenever you are hurt, think about for who
are you fighting for
and if you know that,
you'll surely smile a little

Loudly, resound our voices
what's important is being "here"
isn't it
Right now, only you can do the things
that can be only done by you
A big flower that can bloom now

Someday, the seed will sprout out from the ground
hold roots deeper into the soil
because your searching, looking for a face
fighting for someone
For whoever we want to make smile,
look up towards the sky with pride
it's fine, just create a blooming flower

so throw away those always friendly pretenses
lighten up your body,
and you'll be able to run faster!
keep on smiling, and smiling
If you think about who your fighting for
Right now, only you can do the things
that can be only done by you
A big flower that can bloom now

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*also like "living in the present" kind of feeling
** conceit, but like childish confidence/youthful cleverness

If you see any errors please tell me >:-D


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25 January 2011 @ 01:16 am
Going to use and used resources, straight from my bookmarks.
Still growing.... thank you people.

if you think I forgot anything please tell me :)


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